About Us

"Kalina Travel" OOD is a licensed Tour Operator and Tour Agent with a license number № РКК - 01-05822, given by The National Tourism Agency of Bulgaria.
We have developed the web page www.mytrip.online where we offer Trips (Tourist Packages), Holidays (Vacations) Business and Corporate Trips, Airplane Tickets, Hotels and Insurances, while guaranteeing the best prices available.
"Kalina Travel" OOD has been on the market since 2002. With over a decade of experience in the tourism field we have successfully managed to stay in tune with our customers' demands, thus offering them the opportunity to set up an appropriate and interesting product on their own, using our wide range of products and services.

Our main goal is:
  • To constantly affirm and prove ourselves on the market as an innovative company that You can fully trust;
  • To offer the best option for a tour package possible, according to our clients' needs and demands;
  • Offer everybody that needs to, the opportunity to create their own package, regardless of its purpose, and help him/her do so in a quick, easy, efficient and independent manner.

We are capable of doing so through direct online contact between our clients and our partners from all over the world. We currently offer tourist packages and services on six continents.